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Attending your property

Attendance Timeframes

We aim to complete work at your home as quickly as possible. Below is an indication of our general wait times. If you have been waiting longer than the timeframes indicated below, please call your Client Liaison Officer so that we can resolve the issue for you.

  • Supervisors – should contact you within 2 weeks of your inspection being issued.
  • Subcontractors/Companies – should contact you approximately 4 weeks after the inspection of your items by the Supervisor.This 4 week period (approximately) includes administration time.
  • Painters – to avoid delays, please call our department once the last Subcontractor to complete work has attended your home (we generally allocate the painter at the completion of all rectification work, to avoid constant requests for access to your home). The painter should contact you within 2 weeks of being issued.

At certain times some areas may become busier for certain trades than others which may lead to some delays.


Our working hours

Whilst we aim to minimize inconvenience to Homeowners; Supervisors, Subcontractors and Companies that attend your home can only do so during their normal working hours.

  • In general, you will be requested to provide access to your home between the hours of 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday for work to be inspected and/or carried out. Please note that no weekend appointments are available.
  • The latest time during the day which an appointment can be made is dependent on how long the Subcontractor has estimated the job will take. E.g. A job that is estimated to take 3 hours cannot be booked to start at 2 or 3pm.