Phone (08) 6461 5666

Addressing your concerns

Making an enquiry

  • To make an enquiry, please contact our department via phone, fax, email or post.
  • When you call us, you will be asked for your job number or site address.
  • Your call will then be placed through to the correct Client Liaison Officer who will access your job file & discuss your concerns.
  • If making a written enquiry, we aim to respond to you as quickly as possible. You should receive a courtesy call shortly after we receive your written correspondence.

Inspection by a Supervisor

  • Your Client Liaison Officer will discuss with you if an inspection with a Supervisor can be arranged. Should you require an inspection, it will be issued to the Supervisor who will call you directly to arrange a time to view your concerns.
  • Once the Supervisor has inspected, they will confirm if we are required to carry out work at your home.
  • They will complete an inspection report which you will either receive a copy of onsite, have a copy emailed to you, or a letter will be sent to you to confirm the Supervisor’s findings.

Having work carried out at your home

  • If we are required to carry out maintenance or rectification work, this will be indicated on the Supervisors inspection report.
  • As well as the client receiving a copy of the inspection report, a copy is also submitted to the Client Liaison Officer who will issue work orders to the specific subcontractors/companies as necessary.
  • The Subcontractors/Companies will call you directly to arrange a suitable date/time to attend site & carry out the work.

Please note

  • Our Supervisors are constantly on the road or conducting inspections with clients & therefore are unable to take clients’ calls throughout the day.
  • Should you have any concerns please call the Supervisor’s Client Liaison Officer who will be able to take your query.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to meet clients in our offices. Should you wish to speak to a representative in person regarding your concerns, an onsite inspection needs to be arranged with the Supervisor.