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6 Month Maintenance/Defects Liability Period

6 months after Practical Completion, our department will carry out a maintenance service at your home. This service is at no charge to the Homeowner.

We require the Homeowner to complete the Maintenance Report Sheet/Defects Liability Form & send it to us by the due date (which is 6 months after Practical Completion).

This form was provided to you at handover & should be in your handover pack from the Builder. However, if you have misplaced the form you can download them below.

  • Once we receive your Maintenance Report Sheet/Defects Liability Form from you, we will send you written confirmation that we have received it. If you have not received a confirmation letter within 10 days of submitting your form, we suggest you contact our office to ensure that is has not been lost through the post or email/fax transmission.
  • Upon receipt we will also issue an inspection to the area Supervisor who will contact you arrange a time to view your concerns. Once the Supervisor has inspected, they will confirm what work we will carry out at your home.
  • They will complete an inspection report which you will either receive a copy of onsite and/or a letter will be sent to you to confirm the Supervisor’s findings.
  • As well as the client receiving a copy of the inspection report, a copy is also submitted to the Client Liaison Officer who will issue work orders to the specific subcontractors/companies as necessary.
  • The Subcontractors/Companies will call you directly to arrange a suitable date/time to attend site & carry out the work.
  • To view attendance timeframes click here.

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Download a Maintenance Report Sheet

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Download a Defects Liability Form

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Items often completed at the 6 Month Maintenance/Defects Liability Period include:

  • Cornice Cracks
  • Silicon to bench top/tile junction
  • Reseal top/bottoms of external & wet area timber doors
  • Adjustment of timber doors & their locks
  • Mortar fill around exterior brickwork/pipe penetrations (eg. where Hot Water System pipes enter exterior wall)

6monthmaintenace 1

Cornice Cracks

6monthmaintenace 2

Silicon to bench top/tile junction

6monthmaintenace 3

Exterior brickwork/pipe penetrations

If you believe that the above listed items need to be completed at your home, please note this on your completed Maintenance Report Sheet/Defects Liability Form.

Please note that damaged items may not be rectified unless they are noted as outstanding on your Record of Practical Completion Inspection (PCI), which was provided to you when your Practical Completion inspection was carried out by the Builder (prior to Handover).