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Our Services

Our services include carrying out 6 month maintenance on your home as well as investigation of your concerns that may be covered under the 6 year structural warranty or extended warranties offered by the Builder.

6 Month Maintenance/Defects Liability

Period 6 months after Practical Completion, our department will carry out a maintenance service at your home. This a free service to the Homeowner. For this to occur, please send your completed Maintenance Report Sheet/Defects Liability Form by the due date (this will be 6 months from the date of Practical Completion).

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6 year Structural & Workmanship Warranty

Each home is offered a standard 6 year Warranty dated from Practical Completion. This warranty covers Structural Items & Faults of Original Workmanship. There are specific industry standard tolerances which may apply to your item of concern.

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Extended Warranty

There are several extended warranties offered by the Builder (over 6 years). Clients must verify this by presenting their signed warranty certificate or a signed copy of the Building Contract which states that an extended warranty was included.

  • These warranties are only applicable to the clients who signed the Building Contract. When the home is on sold to a 2nd owner, extended warranties are not transferable & only the 6 year Structural & Workmanship Warranty applies.
  • The extended warranties cover Structural Failure of: Concrete Foundations, Structural Brickwork & Structural Timbers.