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Careers in Building and Construction

You only have to glance around the Perth skyline to see that we're a city on the way up, with numerous cranes signifying the number of major projects under construction in the Perth CBD alone.

According to Gerald Broere, Group Building and Construction Manager for BGC Residential, one of Perth's biggest players in the building and construction industry, we're on the brink of an exciting future, with Perth's population tipped to more than double by 2056.

"According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Perth is projected to experience the highest percentage growth (116%) of Australia's capital cities, increasing from 1.6 million people at 30 June 2007 to 3.4 million in 2056," said Gerald.

"It only stands to reason that with an increase in population, there needs to be the infrastructure to be able to cope with this influx, which will include residential and commercial structures. This in turn creates additional employment and opportunities, the likes of which, have never been seen before," he said.

"Employees entering the industry now have access to technology which changes at an exponential rate. These programs include design and construction systems which give users an entirely new perspective on things, and enable them to see their projects in entirely new ways. Although the residential sector is a little quiet at present, it's the ideal time to enter the industry and learn this new technology from the ground up."

Gerald also stressed that along with the changes in technology, changes in the Building Code of Australia and the new shift towards Six Star ratings and upwards, there's a lot of additional roles being created within the industry where specialists can find their employment 'niche'.

"Positions such as Occupational Health and Safety Officers, Shire Liaison Managers and Land Procurement Managers never existed in the past. These are specialist roles which have been created as a result of not only changing laws, but industry trends."