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BGC: Supporting 6-Star and Supporting You

The mandatory 6-star energy rating system has officially been in operation for five months now, which means that all Western Australian homes must meet a minimum of 6 out of 10 stars for energy performance.

The benefits for our community with better-designed homes, include saving money, improved internal comfort, a lower carbon footprint, and lower power bills. However, once the house is built, there still remains the question – how do you operate your home to maximise these benefits?

BGC’s Executive General Manager, Kelvin Ryan, recognises this gap in the market. “With the cost of energy bills always increasing, it is important we assist our clients with getting the best out of their new home. BGC is taking affordability beyond the purchase price and into the cost of living. Ultimately, its our customers that win by saving energy and saving money.”

To help make it easy for homebuyers, BGC has partnered with the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) to develop Your 6-Star Guide to operating an energy efficient home. The guide provides new homebuyers with affordable ideas on how to reduce energy use once they move in.

Kelvin believes information freely available to our pubic is the key. “It can be difficult to identify where to begin so this booklet encourages homebuyers to engage in understanding their own energy use patterns. Once the cause is identified, the solutions and benefits will closely follow. There are a variety of easy to follow tips and hints in this booklet to help.”

The guide is the sequel to the 2011 Your 6-Star Guide to building an energy efficient home which centred on energy efficient design. The information in the both booklets provide a great opportunity for new home buyers to apply the tips and get the best performance out of their new home.

Recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of SEA, Kirsten Rose, recognises the importance and demand for information to be made available saying, “There are real rewards to be gained from using energy wisely in the home. Saving energy means saving money, which can be used for other things. It’s fantastic that people in the community want this information to make a difference in the way they use energy”.

The success of the original guide has been attracting an average of 6,000 downloads per month from the SEA website. This is nearly 18 months on from the initial release.

For your free copy of Your 6-Star Guide to building an energy efficient home or Your 6-Star Guide to operating an energy efficient home visit any BGC display home, or download now.

DOWNLOAD 'Your 6-Star Guide to operating an energy efficient home'

DOWNLOAD 'Your 6-Star Guide to building an energy efficient home'