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Wall cracking

It is very normal to be experiencing minor expansion and shrinkage cracking, as a consequence of environmental changes and from settlement and stabilisation of the roof frame and its components. Because this cracking appears on your walls it does not mean they are necessarily affecting the Structural integrity of your home.

Wall cracks below 2mm in width are deemed minor & of no structural concern. Wall cracking that measure below this width will not be repaired by our department (unless at the stage of 6 Month Maintenance/Defects Liability Period).

wall cracking 1 wall cracking 2

Wall cracking measuring below 2mm in width* - deemed minor/of no concern 

structerre gauge

*The calibration gauge pictured above (measuring the cracks) has been supplied to us by Structerre Consulting Engineers -

Cornice Cracking

Cracking can often occur on the wall just along the bottom of the cornice. Cornice cracks will be repaired for you at the stage of 6 Month Maintenance/Defects Liability Period should you report this on your Maintenance Report Sheet/Defects Liability Form. This can re-occur as ongoing settlement takes place over time. However, minor cornice cracking is not a structural concern & after it has been repaired at the above Maintenance Period, forms part of Homeowner Maintenance to rectify.

Plaster Shear

This also occurs under the cornice but presents as a jagged line which may extend some depth below the cornice. It may also pull some white set plaster away from the wall either attached to the cornice or the white set plaster may fall out completely. For plaster shear to be deemed structural & to be repaired by our department, it must extend 10mm below the cornice. Please note that plaster shear is only covered under the 6 year Structural Warranty. It is not covered under any extended warranties as it is not in relation to the structural failure of the brickwork itself.

wall cracking 3

Cornice Cracking

wall cracking 4

Plaster Shear