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Timber doors

Lift off doors

You may notice that some doors to wet areas of the home have a different height door and a different door frame to other areas of the home. It may appear as if there is a large gap at the top & another gap at the bottom of the door. However, this is no fault of workmanship. These doors & their frames have been installed at that size intentionally and have been installed with ‘lift off hinges’ which allows the door to be removed more easily in the case of an emergency. This is typically the WC/toilet where this is installed but it may also be installed in the bathroom or ensuite as necessary in accordance with council requirements.

Dark Coloured Timber Doors

Light reflective colours are best for doors which are exposed to sunlight and therefore, heat. These colours will absorb less heat than dark colours, which can cause the doors to warp. It is for this reason that if dark door colours are chosen, the warranty on your timber door may become void.

Trimming/Planing doors

Internal doors are left with a gap at the bottom to allow for floor coverings. However due to the fact that different floor coverings are chosen by Homeowners and that they come in a variety of thicknesses, some gaps may not be big enough. If the installation of the floor coverings did not form part of the Building Contract the trimming of the doors becomes the responsibility of the Homeowner. After trimming doors, ensure that they are re-sealed to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.