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Roof Leaks

If your home has already been through a wet winter period and you have not experienced any roof leaks yet, this usually indicates that the roof cover is water tight.

When you call to report a roof leak to our department, the Client Liaison Officer will discuss your particular situation with you. However in general, if your home:

  • Is over 1 year in age (dated from Practical Completion)
  • Has already been through a full winter period
  • Has no prior record of any leak in the same area

You will be requested to contact your insurance company first, as this is indicative that the cause may be related to storm damage. In the case that your insurance company report that the cause of the leak is a Fault of Original Workmanship/Builder, we will require their written report. We will then arrange for a Group After Sales Supervisor to inspect as soon as possible.

Warranties on roof cover

Tiled Roofs – 2 years workmanship

This does not cover damage to tiles & may become void by use of ‘After trades’.

General settlement of ridge capping is not covered under warranty.

Metal Roofs – 2 years installation

Storm damage

Roof leaks can often be caused by storm damage, such extreme volumes of rain and/or hail and excessive wind pressure. These weather conditions are out of the Builder’s control and should this be the cause, it needs to be attended to by your home insurance company.

Homeowner maintenance

It is also a matter of Homeowner Maintenance to ensure that gutters & valleys are cleared of leaves/debris on a regular basis to avoid blocked gutters, downpipes and storm water drains, which can then back up with water & cause leaks.

roof leaks 1

Leaves in gutters

roof leaks 2

Leaves in roof valleys

After trades on roofs

‘After trades’ can often cause damage to roofs which can lead to roof leaks. After trades are contractors which you employ independently to complete work at your home after handover. Please note if damage by ‘After trades’ is found to be the cause of a roof leak, we will be unable to take any action regarding your concern. Examples of ‘After trades’:

  • Antenna installers
  • Satellite dish installers
  • Air Conditioning contractors
  • Patio contractors

roof leaks 3

roof leaks 4