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The Homeowner is offered a 3 month warranty (dated from Practical Completion) on blockages. After this date we may still assist you, however the blockage must be deemed to be a Fault of Original Workmanship to be covered under the 6 year Structural Warranty.

Should you call to report a blockage to the Group After Sales Service, the Client Liaison Officer will discuss the circumstances with you. However you will usually be asked to sign a blockage disclaimer prior to us arranging a plumber’s attendance (as clients are only in contact with us 6 months after Practical Completion). A blockage disclaimer is a document which states that we will arrange for a plumber to attend site, however if the cause of the blockage is not found to be due to Builder’s rubble or a Fault of Original Workmanship (i.e. no fault of the Builder) , the Homeowner will be charged the associated costs for the plumber’s attendance.

Dripping Taps

We would like to advise you that a common cause of dripping taps is due to the tap washer requiring replacement. A tap washer is a small ring like device & is the part of the tap ware which seals off the water after the tap has been turned off. The Builder offers the Homeowner a 3 month warranty (from Practical Completion) on tap washers only, after this time it forms part of Homeowner Maintenance to replace by engaging a licensed plumber.

Hot Water Systems

A slight gas smell can occur as a byproduct of combustion from the Hot Water System in normal operation, this occurs when the gas booster ‘starts up’.

We would also like to inform you that Hot Water System pressure relief valves can leak quite excessively, depending on a few factors including the amount of use. The cold water pressure relief valve is also designed to leak. This leaking does not necessarily mean there is a fault within the valve and/or plumbing.

Gas Meterbox

You may notice a slight gas smell at the gas meterbox, which may be from the ‘breather’ at the regulator.

Tapware & Other Plumbing Fixtures

Tapware & other plumbing fixtures (such as baths & toilets) are warranted for a period of 12 months (dated from Practical Completion) through the Builder, whereby we liaise with the manufacturer/supplier on your behalf.

After this time you will need to liaise directly with the manufacturer regarding any warranties extending beyond a 12 month period which they may provide (please note that not all products carry warranties over a 12 month period).

See contact details below:

Dorf (Clark, Dorf, Donson, Fowler, Stylus) 9446 9178

Novetec (Multiform, Novelli, Oliveri, Vogue) 9241 0888