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Storing Your Belongings

Garages are non-habitable areas of the home and are not required to be completely sealed off from external weather conditions. Single leaf brick walls used for garages can allow dampness & moisture to come through as they are not required to be sealed. On occasion water may also enter under the automatic garage door, especially in extreme weather conditions. Therefore we recommend that any belongings you consider valuable, which can be affected by damp or water – should be stored in dry conditions within the home itself.

Automatic Garage Doors

A 12 month warranty on Automatic Garage Doors (dated from Practical Completion) is offered through the Builder, whereby we liaise with the manufacturer/supplier on your behalf. After this date, you will need to contact them directly regarding any warranties extending beyond a 12 month period which they may provide (please note that not all parts of the garage door carry warranties over a 12 month period).

Manufacturers recommend that garage door panels be regularly cleaned to remove dirt & salt build up which can affect the finish over time.

It is also recommended that maintenance is carried out on at least a 6 monthly basis, which includes the Homeowner lubricating the moving parts and inspecting certain components & tightness. Before you do this, you should refer to the Homeowner’s Garage Door Manual provided by the Manufacturer for their advice with these procedures.

Please note certain processes such as the repair of components should only be carried by a Garage Door professional & may be dangerous for a Homeowner to do so.

It is also recommended you have your door professionally serviced on an annual basis after expiry of your 12 month warranty.

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