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Floor coverings

Timber Laminate Flooring

Recommended cleaning methods are:

  • Spot cleaning for small spills with a damp cloth.
  • For larger areas use a soft broom, electrostatic dry mop or well maintained vacuum cleaner (use brush setting/attachments as hard/sharp vacuum nozzles may cause scratching).

Do not use wet mops to clean timber laminate floors as this will cause damage to the boards over time, often causing warping to occur.


Vinyl floor coverings, (also sometimes known as ‘Lino’) are installed by what is referred to as “Loose Lay”, where no adhesives are used. It is therefore recommended that you sweep these areas instead of vacuuming so corners and edges do not curl up.

It is also recommended that you take care when moving furniture and heavy items (lift free of vinyl instead of dragging) in order to avoid tears, stretching and other damage.