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Dimmer Switches

They will not work correctly with low wattage globes. The globe will flicker if the switch is turned down low.

Energy Saving Light Globes

When the lights are turned off, these globes can flicker or glow due to a transient voltage still existing in the wiring. When turned on, they can take a while to light up, commonly up to 30 seconds, but can also be up to 1-2 minutes.

Power Trips

Faulty appliances can often cause the power to trip at the circuit breaker switch. If you are unsure if your appliance is causing the issue, you can test this out by trying out different appliances at the same power point. If the other appliances work without causing any power problems, the initial appliance is likely to be faulty.

Smoke Alarms

Batteries to your smoke alarm (if zinc oxide battery is used) should be replaced on an annual basis. Regular testing of the alarm should also be carried out on a monthly basis.

For further information on how to test your smoke alarms, refer to the New Home Owners’ Manual provided in your handover pack or download here.