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Ceiling Cracks

Should a ceiling crack within the 6 year Structural & Workmanship Warranty period, please call our department to discuss further. Cracks caused by damage to the ceiling sheets are not warranted. This can often be caused by ‘After trades’ accessing the ceiling space. These ‘After trades’ may include:

  • Antenna installers
  • Satellite dish installers
  • Air Conditioning contractors
  • Electricians

Loose Ceiling Sheets

Ceiling sheets are not covered after the 6 year Structural & Workmanship Warranty period has expired. As they do not affect the Structural Integrity of the home, they are not warranted under any extended warranties, unless they need to be rectified due to the failure of Structural Timbers (Roof Timbers).

After this time it is recommended that you have your ceiling checked independently on an ongoing basis by an accredited ceiling installer to avoid sagging or fallen ceilings.

Please refer to the following article: ‘Ceiling Maintenance Is Key’ – Republished with kind permission of RAC. This story first appeared in the October/November 2011 issue of Horizons.

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