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Dampness through garage walls

Dampness and moisture can occur to “single leaf” walls. As per the Building Code of Australia, non-habitable areas (ie. carport / garage) of the home are categorized as being “Class 10a” site and are not required to incorporate double leaf walls. Please be advised the Builder is not required to seal these areas and therefore falls under Homeowner Maintenance to address. To alleviate this problem may we suggest you purchase brick sealant from your local hardware store and apply accordingly to keep moisture and dampness to a minimum.



Green staining to the brickwork is referred to as ‘Vanadium’. These stains are not harmful and are part of the natural by-product of some bricks. Staining may gradually dissipate on external surfaces subject to weathering or it can either be removed by proprietary brands or common caustic soda solution. Sufficient independent research on these products should be conducted before proceeding with application. As Vanadium is deemed to be outside the Builders control and no fault of workmanship, it is the Homeowners choice should they wish to address this.



Weepholes usually appear as round holes in rendered walls & in the case of face brick, appear as a mortar gap in between bricks. They should not be blocked (which can often occur when garden beds are too high) as they provide ventilation & an opportunity for drainage. It is also advisable to ensure your sprinklers face away from the brickwork. Failure to follow these measures may cause dampness to enter the home.

brickwork 1


brickwork 2

Weepholes in face brick