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Environmental Responsibility

All of the building brands within BGC are passionate about sustainable construction.  We are consistently looking for innovative materials and construction methods to ensure that modern construction has less impact on the environment, and allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient home.

BGC Partners with Sustainable Energy Association for Cost Saving Advice

Western Australia's leading home building group, BGC, has today announced a new initiative to educate homebuyers on energy and cost saving measures in their new homes.

In partnership with the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA), all of BGC’s new home customers will be given advice on how to operate their homes in a more energy efficient way and in turn, save money.

Launching the guide, ‘Your 6-Star Guide to operating an energy efficient home’, BGC and SEA have combined strengths, aiming to extend affordability beyond the purchase price and into the running costs of a new home.

BGC’s Executive General Manager, Kelvin Ryan says, “Across our group of housing companies we took a supporting position on ‘6-star’ design standards for energy efficiency because we knew it would help home owners save money in the long run, as well as having an environmental return.



Six-Star Energy and Thermal Efficiency

As of May 2012, all BGC homes include a guaranteed minimum 6-Star energy and thermal efficiency rating.  

6-Star is the new minimum standard for the thermal energy performance of a new home - that is, it's a measure of the amount of energy that escapes through the building fabric on a scale of 1 to 10. The more stars, the less you have to use your air conditioner or heater, and the more naturally comfortable your home is. Our use of energy is becoming increasingly important - just look at your latest power bill to see why!

BGC's General Manager Kelvin Ryan explains why the 6-Star regulation is inherently a good thing for the whole community.  

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Solar Power Generation Systems

Through its home building brand, National Homes, BGC became the first builder in Australia to offer a photovoltaic solar power generating system as a standard inclusion in its display range.

Today, all of our housing brands offer solar power systems as either standard inclusions or optional upgrades, allowing customers to help conserve the environment in an affordable way, without sacrificing lifestyles and design integrity.

The solar photovoltatic systems we use in BGC homes are designed in Germany and imported through another BGC supplier - MySolar.

MySolar is a local company with knowledge and experience in the field of energy efficiency for new and existing homes.

The company's team pride themselves on working closely with clients and builders as well as keeping abreast of national and international trends and policies that may affect home owners and commercial business.

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Hybrid Vehicles

In early 2010, BGC became the first Western Australian company to introduce the Australian made Toyota Hybrid Camry into its vehicle fleet.

As one of Australia's largest privately owned companies, our vehicle fleet travels hundreds of kilometres north, south, east and/or west in any given week.  The introduction of the Hybrid Camry follows a three year program by BGC which has seen our fleet cut by 16 per cent and an increasing shift to four cylinder cars.

By reducing the number of vehicles in our fleet and downsizing engine capacities we are using less fuel, and therefore emitting less greenhouse gases.   The introduction of the new Hybrid Camry will further cut our fleet's carbon dioxide emissions by around 20 tonnes per year.